Job Vacancies 2017 at Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA)

Job Vacancies 2017 at Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA) Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad (ANGKASA) is a cooperative apex government recognized by a body representing the Malaysia Co-operative Movement in national and international level. We provide educational programs to members of the co-operatives as well as

Job Vacancies 2017 at Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka (PKNM)

Job Vacancies 2017 at Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka (PKNM) State Development Corporation (PKNM) or Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Melaka (PKNM) was established under the State Development Corporation Enactment. Enactment No 1 of 1971 was given the role and primary responsibility to develop and promote Malacca in four main fields of Industry,

Jawatan Kosong 2017 di Perbadanan Bukit Bendera

Job Vacancies at Perbadanan Bukit Bendera Penang Hill is a hill resort comprising a group of peaks in Penang, Malaysia. It is located in Air Itam, which is 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the city centre of George Town. The hill stands out prominently from the lowlands as a hilly and forested area. Penang Hill

Job Vacancies at Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB)

Job Vacancies at Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) was established under the Ministry of Human Resources. When initially-formed in 1993, it was known as the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) or Majlis Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (MPSM), but was later incorporated and known

Job Vacancies 2017 at Hartalega Sdn Bhd

Job Vacancies 2017 at Hartalega Sdn Bhd Hartalega Sdn Bhd was the inventor of the world’s first lightweight Nitrile glove in 2002, which caused a demand shift from latex to nitrile gloves all over the globe.  Job Vacancies 2017 at Hartalega Sdn Bhd Hartalega Sdn Bhd invite resourceful, dedicated and

Job Vacancies 2017 at Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan

Job Vacancies 2017 at Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) or Institut Penyelidikan Perubatan began with a recommendation in 1900 from Sir Frank Athelstane Swettenham, the Resident-General of the Federated Malay States to establish a Pathological Institute in Malaya to carry out scientific and sustained

Job Vacancies at Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA)

Job Vacancies at Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) or Shah Alam City Council is the local authority for the city of Shah Alam, the north of Petaling district and east of Klang district, and an agency under the Selangor state government. MBSA is responsible for public health and sanitation, waste removal and

Job Vacancies 2017 at Universiti Selangor (UNISEL)

Job Vacancies 2017 at Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) Universiti Selangor (UNISEL) established on 24 August 1999 by the Malaysian Government. For the first intake, 265 students registered. The population has increased to about 14,000 students over 10 years. Unisel derives its name from its focus on industry-driven programmes. Job

Job Vacancies at Lembaga Kemajuan Johor Tenggara (KEJORA)

Job Vacancies at  Lembaga Kemajuan Johor Tenggara (KEJORA)  Lembaga Kemajuan Johor Tenggara (KEJORA) is an agency under the Ministry of Territory and Rural Development with its function as a Territory Development for Johor. The territory division includes a 16 percent area of Johor with 300,111 hectares. It

Job Vacancies 2017 at Bank Negara Malaysia

Job Vacancies 2017 at Bank Negara Malaysia Bank Negara Malaysia, or the Central bank of Malaysia, was established on 26th January 1959 under the Central Bank of Malaysia Act 1958 (CBA 1958). A statutory body wholly owned by the Government of Malaysia, the Bank reports to the Malaysian Minister