Job Vacancies at Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS)

Job Vacancies 2016 at Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS) Perbadanan Kemajuan Pertanian Selangor (PKPS) was established on January 2, 1972 under the Enactment No.1972 and implement activities officially on March 1, 1973.As one of the agencies Selangor State Government, PKPS been given the role to develop the agricultural industry

Job Vacancies at Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB)

Job Vacancies at Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB) was established under the Ministry of Human Resources. When initially-formed in 1993, it was known as the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC) or Majlis Pembangunan Sumber Manusia (MPSM), but was later incorporated and known

Job Vacancies 2016 at Koperasi Bank Persatuan Malaysia Berhad

Job Vacancies 2016 at Koperasi Bank Persatuan Malaysia Berhad Koperasi Bank Persatuan Malaysia Berhad which is simply known as Bank Persatuan, is acooperative banking entity based in Penang, Malaysia. Currently, Bank Persatuan has over 14 branches located mainly in Malaysian Peninsular. Bank Persatuan’s 14th branch has commenced its operation on 3 January 2012 and

Job Vacancies 2016 at Public Bank Berhad

Job Vacancies 2016 at Public Bank Berhad Public Bank Berhad is a bank based in Malaysia. Public Bank is the biggest domestic bank in Malaysia by shareholders’ funds. It focuses on retail customers and small to medium sized enterprises. The bank was founded in 1966 by Teh Hong Piow. The bank was listed on the

Job Vacancies 2016 at University of Malaya (UM)

Job Vacancies 2016 at University of Malaya (UM) University of Malaya (UM) was established on 8 October 1949 as a national institution of higher education to meet the needs of the Federation of Malaya and Singapore.As the first tertiary education establishment in Malaysia, UM was modelled after the universities

Job Vacancies 2016 at Westports Malaysia

Job Vacancies 2016 at Westports Malaysia Westports Malaysia plays a pivotal role in international maritime trade and Malaysia’s economic development. The company vision is to Be A Successful Gateway for the Nation’s Trade Inventory and the Pride of the Nation In Terms of Employee Relations, Customer Satisfaction and Corporate

Job Vacancies 2016 at MY E.G Services Berhad

Job Vacancies 2016 at MY E.G Services Berhad MY E.G Services Berhad is an MSC status company and listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad. MY E.G Services Berhad engaged in the development and implementation of Electronic Government services, one of the flagship applications under the MSC project

Job Vacancies 2016 at ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd (E-MAS)

Job Vacancies 2016 at ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd (E-MAS)  ERL Maintenance Support Sdn Bhd (498574-T) or E-MAS was established in 1999 to commission, operate and maintain Express Rail Link (ERL), Malaysia’s fastest, and most intensive railway system with an near perfect performance record and an unblemished safety record. The

Job Vacancies 2016 at Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP)

Job Vacancies 2016 at Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP) Lembaga Pertubuhan Peladang (LPP) was formed on 14 February, 1973 through the legislation of LPP Act 1973 (Act 110), Farmers’ Organisation Authority Act. The formation of LPP was aimed at assisting in improving economy and social well-being of the agro

Job Vacancies 2016 at Lembaga Pelabuhan Bintulu

Job Vacancies 2016 at Lembaga Pelabuhan Bintulu Bintulu Port Authority or Lembaga Pelabuhan Bintulu was inaugurated on 15th August 1981 under the Bintulu Port Authority Act 1981 with responsibilities covering the development, administration, marketing and provision of adequate and efficient port services.This is aimed at making Bintulu Port