Job Vacancies 2016 at Majlis Daerah Jempol

Majlis Daerah JempolJob Vacancies 2016 at Majlis Daerah Jempol

Jempol District Council (Majlis Daerah Jempol) was established on August 1, 1980 as a follow up on the re-boundary exercise of Kuala Pilah District. Jempol District Council functions are inline with the main objective of setting it up, as expressed in the Local Government Act 1876, Act 171. In principle, its function is to provide municipality services to the residents in its area of operation in respect of general health, garbage management, town and country planning, natural environment protection, building control, improving social and economy, and municipal infrastructure maintenance.

Job Vacancies 2016 at Majlis Daerah Jempol

Majlis Daerah Jempol invites qualified Malaysians to fill the positions as below:

1. Penolong Jurutera JA29
2. Pembantu Tadbir N19
3. Pembantu Kemahiran H19
4. Pembantu Operasi N11
5. Pemandu Kenderaan H11

For more information on these vacancies and how to apply, please visit the link below.
jawatan kosong MDJL 2016 – Closing date 19 Dec 2016

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Job Vacancies 2016 at Majlis Daerah Jempol

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